COVID-19 GUIDELINES: The following is a list of guidelines for "personal service" providers. In order to comply we need all guests of The Fix to adhere to these rules.

1. pre-screen yourself for covid symptoms

2. Call the studio from your car at 509-850-7176, leave a message and wait there till you speak with one of us about coming in.

3. come alone to your appointments. No guests or children will be allowed to wait inside or outside the studio.

4. wear a mask to cover both nose and mouth

5. services where the mask has to be removed are no longer allowed

6. Hand sanitizer will be provided before your appointment.

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The Fix is dedicated to the practice of skin care in all its arenas. Our focus is delivering meaningful results to our guest and offer the best in education for at home care an in studio services. We are committed to you as our guests to deliver on our promises. 

Appointment Booker


Upper lip, cheek and facial services are available again.

There will be a delay as scheduling becomes available.

Lash lift services are reserved for guests +18 years old with no exceptions.

Groupon Lash lift services are available all days and times. Please book those under the Groupon service menu.

We look forward to working with you soon.

White Satin
White Satin

Skin Therapies

Skin Bar                    free

Stress relief               $45

Stress relief + 

micro-active             $65

Pro30 facial              $40

Pro60 facial              $55

Micro-active facial   $75

AGE LOC mini         $40

Age LOC  full           $55

White Satin

Hair Removal

Brow Artistry             $30

Brow Touchup           $20

Brow Artistry+Tint    $45

Brow Touchup+Tint  $35

Upper lip                   $10

Cheeks                      $10

Chin                           $10

Nose                          $5

White Satin


Brow Tint               $20

Lash Tint                $20

Strip Lashes           $10

Full Face                $65

Bridal      Starting  $175

Beauty Products


To help keep you supplied with your product needs we have set up an online store where you can get your daily skin care and makeup. Our online store has all of our favorite products as well as a bunch of new products as well. Please call the studio or message us so we can assist you on getting the correct products.




The technicians at The Fix brow bar and skin care studio are all licensed estheticians for the state of Washington. And as such, are limited to the scope of their practice and bound by the law and their insurance as to who they can work on in regards to age, prescriptions medications, injuries to the skin, diseases and disorders, and unreasonable expectations.

Information sharing:

The Fix will treat all of it's guests with respect, dignity, and will keep all information private and confidential. We do not sell, rent, or distribute phone numbers, addresses or emails.

Appointment limitations:

Because of the limitations that some services have, a booked appointment is not a guarantee of service. we will always offer an over the phone or in person consultation if there are any doubts of eligibility.


The Fix enjoys a great working relationship with Groupon. Groupons can not be shared, hold no cash value, and are only redeemable for the service they were purchased for. There are age limitations on the Lash lift service 18+ with no exceptions. Appointments times are limited to availability.

Prepaid services:

In house prepaid services do not expire, are non-refundable, and are limited to appointment availability. They will hold their value for as long as The Fix is in business.


MONDAY - FRIDAY 10:00 - 6:00 SATURDAY 10:00 - 6:00

SUNDAY closed 







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